PHASE 1: Biostabilization (SRF Production)

MODEL PLANT (Castellon, Spain)

PHASE 2: Gasification (SYNGAS Production)

MODEL PLANT (Valencia, Spain)

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PHASE 3: Production of Energy Vectors


The sanitary landfills or dumps are gradually closed, due to the final disposal of all the black bags in the Biostabilization Plant. Health-environmental impact.

The leachates are eliminated, guaranteeing zero polluting emissions into the atmosphere; No smells, no dust. Health-environmental impact.

Supply to environmental managers or recyclers of hygienized, clean material, without bad odors and free from exposure to chemical and biological risks. Social impact.

Transformation of solid waste into energy (electrical or thermal) or energy vectors such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels (methanol, kerosene, gas, etc.). Economic impact.

The energy vectors obtained can be marketed in the national and international markets, generating income from sales. Economic impact.

Differences with other technologies


(State of Kuwait. January, 2023). At the initiative of AHS Group,, a kuwaiti company in the environmental sector, work meetings were held with Fouad Hameed and Abdul Al-Nassar; In addition, visits were made to various places in Kuwait, with the objective of preparing a Preliminary Report on the feasibility of installing a Plant for the Biostabilization and Energy Recovery of solid domestic waste. 

(Castellón, Spain. April 2023) Technical visit to our Model Plant (Castellón, Spain) by Directors of the Paraguayan company EL FAROL SA, a company that provides the final disposal service for urban solid waste and non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste; and the Brazilian company BERT DO BRASIL LTDA, a specialist in technologies and equipment for the generation of renewable energy. 

(Guangdong, People's Republic of China. December, 2021). Signature of the Cooperation Agreement between Spain and China on Biostabilization and Waste Recovery Projects; It included lectures and presentations for the development of MSW biostabilization facilities and removal of leachate ponds. It included the shares of the provinces with the highest GDP in China, Zhejiang and Guangdong.



Ave Primat Reig, 129 46020 Valencia. Spain